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Woman on a Mission: interview with Sarah Reading, MD, Phipps class of 2000

Welcome to the first of our alumni interviews! Sarah Reading, MD finished residency training at Hopkins in 2000, a neuroimaging fellowship here under Godfrey Pearlson in 2002, and was on the faculty in the Division of Neuroimaging until 2010. Dr. Reading moved to Tampa to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs and subsequently returned to Baltimore to take a position as Director Mental Health for the VA Maryland Health Care System.

During her time at Hopkins, Dr. Reading focused on clinical work with schizophrenia and Huntington's Disease and pursued neuroimaging as a means to understanding these neuropsychiatric conditions more fully. She was a highly regarded teacher of medical students and residents and was committed to the care of some of the sickest patients in Baltimore. She has continued her work in a more administrative role at the VA, but Dr. Reading remains fundamentally committed to caring for Maryland's ill.

We spoke online this week about:

...her internship experience in the ICU (2:38)...

...her PGY2 year (1:08)...

.... academic psychiatry (2:51)...

...going to the VA (1:52)...

...coming home to Baltimore (2:16)...

...and her current work (2:34) fulfilling her mission of caring for Maryland's mentally ill veterans...

Thank you, Sarah Reading, for sharing your thoughts!

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