Family dinners, outpatient clinics, reading, writing, and soccer: a day in the life of a PGY3

The PGY3 year is divided into 6 months focused on outpatient care and 6 months spent on consults, in the ED, and in the community. I’m currently in the outpatient half. I wake up between 5:30 and 6:30am, depending on how ambitious I am and whether my pre-schooler has woken me up in the middle of the night. Two days a week, I go for a 20 minute run around my neighborhood before breakfast. I live in Baltimore city, a 7 minute drive from Hopkins hospital, so not having a long commute helps a lot. Two days a week, I try to go in early to my office to write: I’m helping a faculty member write a book chapter on bipolar disorder and I’m working on personal essays that come out of my interest in psy

It's a team sport....

One of my most memorable experiences of PGY2 year was when one of our very experienced, highly regarded attendings sent out an open invitation for lunch and brainstorming to all psychiatry attendings and residents. The objective of the gathering was to review the past treatment record for a patient with an exceptionally treatment-resistant mental illness and to explore both in and outside of the box ideas for other treatment possibilities that might be helpful. I was amazed and heartened by the event. Throughout my training, it has been repeatedly emphasized to always ask for help when needed and to not hesitate to discuss cases and treatment options with our seniors and attendings if eve

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