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To Market, to Market!

There are twenty farmers markets within ten miles of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, including one on the JHH campus on Thursday afternoons, but if you ask your friends to hit "the famers market this weekend", most people would think of the Sunday farmers market right under I-83 where it ends in downtown Baltimore.

Since it's open from 7 am to noon, the first stop for this writer is Zeke's coffee, a local Baltimore roastery wtih a huge line that nevertheless moves quickly. Apples, peppers, giant spring onions, lettuce, mustard greens, tomatoes, basil and eggplant were next, but it might as well have been chicken, beef, rack of lamb or any of a huge variety of prepared foods - portobello sandwiches, crepes, Thai or Chinese curries, Caribbean meat patties, kombucha, kimchi, pastries, bread, or brick oven pizza. You could do a substantial amount of gift shopping as well, for everything from jewelry to furniture to mammoth hula hoops, though you don't have to buy them to try them out:

I wish my phone could record smell, but we will just have to settle for sights and sounds. The farmers market and the farm-to-table food culture here are two of the best reasons to live in Baltimore. Come buy local, eat local, and see your friends every Sunday morning in summer and fall!

[Sisyphus, an alumnus of the Phipps residency, will post occasionally on living in Baltimore, the view from ground level. - Ed.]

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