Hope and Thanksgiving in Baltimore

I was biking to work one day this summer and came upon a man decorating a police box. Y'know. A normal day in Baltimore. It was July 8th, the new interns and residents were one week old, and the city was getting ready for Artscape*. On my bike that morning though, I didn't put two and two together. I hadn't had coffee, was paying attention to the road, and was thinking about the day ahead (patients to see, resident outpatient supervision with my brand new supervisee!). Still, this creation stopped me in my tracks. On this face of the box, the mirrored writing says "BUILD TRUST PLEASE". In the days after phones were invented but while they still had to be attached to wires to work, police box

Service Rounds - Patient Centered Teaching Creates a Common Language

Each Friday for two hours almost every PGY2, half the PGY3s and several of the PGY4s meets together with either the department chair (Dr. DePaulo) or one of the other senior attendings (often Dr. Slavney) for service rounds. One resident brings a patient they have been caring for -- either an outpatient they are following or a current inpatient who is well enough to leave the floor for an hour or so. The resident takes 10-15 minutes to present the patient's history, exam and course of treatment. Then the attending interviews the patient for another 15-20 minutes. Each of the other residents then has the opportunity to ask the patient a question. Once the patient leaves, the attending leads a

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